Media Partners

CNBC, the world’s leading business channel, provides real-time financial news and information to more than 340 mln households, including both individuals and organizations. CNBC began its broadcasting operations in 1989, and is now represented within NBC Universal, one of the world’s largest media holdings with annual revenues totaling approximately $17 bln.

Forbes Magazine – one of the world’s most influential business magazines, known for in-depth stories of success and failure among entrepreneurs, new ideas for business and investments, as well as publishing widely respected ratings. is a news portal covering business, economics, finance, careers and lifestyle. combines the independent approach of Forbes magazine with large volumes of news, analysis and useful information from online-media.

Bloomberg L.P. is one of the main providers of financial information for market professionals. Headquartered in New York, Bloomberg L.P. has 135 bureaus throughout the world, and employs more than 10,000 people.

RBC Daily analytical newspaper is the leader among internet projects covering business news. Its monthly readership totals 80-110 thousand internet users. The newspaper’s printed version is released five days a week with overall circulation totaling 80,000 copies.
RBC Television – Russia’s first TV business station. RBC provides daily coverage of the latest situation on Russian and international financial markets.

Thomson Reuters – one of the world’s largest news and financial information agencies, with a 34% market share. The company is headquartered in New York. Thomson Reuters maintains bureaus in 100 countries, and employs more than 50,000 people.

Interfax Group is a provider of professional information products and communication mediums for decision makers in politics and business. An emerging markets specialist, Interfax operates in Russia, the CIS and Central Europe, as well as China.

“Russia 24″ Television network is the only Russian information network broadcasting 24 hours a day. The network covers world news and news from Russia’s regions, as well as economic analysis and interviews with highly influential people.
“Vesti” Information program is one of the country’s main information programs. In real time broadcasting, program hosts familiarize viewers with the main political, social, cultural and sporting news of the day.
“Vesti.Ru”. The traditional information flow for numerous electronic media is expanded to include important, on-site news reports by VGTRK correspondents.
“Vesti FM” radio – the bulk of Vesti FM’s news flow comprises unique information provided by VGTRC’s world correspondents’ network.

News project provides original and exclusive content, operates with reliable information sources, and is known for its high speed of information processing, convenient navigation and a multimedia format for providing information.

Prime-Tass is Russia’s leading business news agency. Privately owned, the agency has no political affiliations, and is known for its objective coverage worldwide. With over 150 permanent staff and scores of stringers throughout Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the world, we provide quality live coverage of major economic and political news in Russia and the 14 former Soviet states. We are particularly strong in commodity, energy and financial markets coverage. We also offer excellent coverage of Russian and CIS banking and corporate news. Please visit to familiarize yourself with our English-language products.

Mercedes-Benz Russia ZAO is a subsidiary of the Daimler AG. The company is engaged in the sales and marketing of a full range of models from the Mercedes-Benz brand (passenger cars, off-road vehicles and vans). Since 2002 it has been the exclusive importer of Mercedes-Benz and Maybach in Russia, operating through a highly professional and continuously expanding network of independent dealerships and its own retail network.
By turnover Mercedes-Benz Russia is among 100 biggest companies in Russia and is in top-3 biggest German companies on the Russian market. Together with our dealerships we make up the workforce of 3,500 employees throughout the Russian Federation.

Xinhua News Agency, known as Xinhua, is the state-run news agency of People’s Republic of China and also a major international news agency with Chinese characteristics.. It releases important news about China and the world around the clock without stop by relying on the agency’s worldwide information-gathering network.
Xinhua by far has more than 20,000 staff, with 81 branches in all the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities in the mainland and the special administrative regions of HongKong and Macao, 7 regional bureaus in HongKong, Mexico City, Moscow, Nairobi, Cairo, Newyork and Brussels. Xinhua also has 123 overseas bureaus all over the world.
Xinhua pursues timely, accurate, credible and fair news coverage, provides news services in six languages — Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic. Xinhua has adopted an all-media approach in its release of news, including text, photos, graphics, audio, video, short message, MMS, WAP, electronic magazine and RSS .