Vitaly Podolskiy

Presidium Member, AKORT

Vitaly Podolsky has headed the MOSMART group of companies since June 2009.

Prior to that, he was Financial Director of the Perekriostok supermarket chain, then the Financial Director of X5 Retail Group.

He was named the Best Financial Director by the Association of Managers of Russia in 2004-08, and was nominated for the Aristos award for the past three years. Since August 2008, he has been managing director and partner of the Renaissance Partners fund. Since November 2008, he was the First Vice President of Finance and Administration of Euroset, where amid crisis conditions he successfully restructured the company’s debt and ensured the resumption of the trading network’s credit lines.

Vitaly Podolsky is a graduate of the Journalism Faculty at Moscow State University and the holder of an MBA from the University of Chicago.