Sergey Mikhailov

CEO, Cherkizovo Group

Sergey Mikhailov is the CEO and a BoD member at AIC Cherkizovsky Ltd. In 2000–2004 he held positions of Deputy Director and Director General at Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant. In 2004 Mr. Mikhailov was appointed Deputy General Director at AIC Cherkizovsky Ltd. for marketing and sales, and the director of Cherkizovsky Trade House.

In 1998 Sergey Mikhailov founded aTelo, Inc, a US-based telecom company, and was its director till 2001. In 1997 he was employed as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, in 1999 he joined the team of analysts at Morgan Stanley.

In 2000 Sergey Mikhailov earned a degree in finance and economics from the Gerogetown University (Washington, DC).