Mikhail Kusnirovich

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bosco di Ciliegi Group of Companies

In 1991, he founded Bosco di Ciliegi Group of Companies, a luxury retail powerhouse based in Moscow that has elite holdings in fashion, beauty, jewelry, real estate and restaurants across Russia. Bosco also owns Articoli-GUM and the Articoli-Vesna – two of Moscow’s top perfumery and luxury accessories stores. Mr. Kusnirovich is also the group’s Chairman of the Board.

In 2004 the Company also bought the controlling stake in GUM (79,000 sq meters), Russia’s premiere and historic shopping destination on Red Square.

Mr. Kusnirovich and his Company had received a lot of significant awards and prizes both locally and internationally. In 2006 he was awarded as Commendatore of Italian Republic and in 2009 he received a Leonardo Prize for his contribution to the Italian economy development.

He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Chemistry and Technology.