Utilities: What’s Left to Be Done in Order to Get to the Promised Market Model?

DAY TWO, 12:30-13:45

One of UES’ key promises was electricity market liberalization for industrial consumers from January 2011. With less than a year left, are we fully on track? How free are electricity market prices? The long-term capacity market has been one of the industry’s most contentious issues. Are the proposed rules fair: price caps vs. required minimum breakeven prices; new vs. old capacity; thermal vs. hydro? Who are the winners and losers? The transition of power network companies to the new RAB tariff system has been accelerated. Are the regulatory parameters adequate? How do these compare with the regulatory environment faced by GEM peers and what do they bring? In general, what else must be done to be able to state that the sector is on the right path? What can we expect in 2010 in particular?