Silicon Taiga: Myth or Reality? Untold Russian VC Stories

DAY ONE, 14:30-16:00

In Russia VC-backed companies have always been a rare species. Unlike large corporates these minorities are media shunned and their success is more recognized abroad rather than on the domestic markets. The companies built from the scratch with an ambition for a technology leadership are still overlooked both by investors and general public.Today – amid the financial crisis with commodity prices yet to reach 2008 levels – venture capital can become a new mantra for the emerging knowledge based economy. What’s the perception of this message by the global investment industry? Is Russian financial and innovational architecture ready for smart capital? How to find a balance of power and align interests of management teams and new shareholders?Leading international VC firms as well as founders and CEOs of Russian entrepreneurial companies will respond to these crucial questions and share their insight on the alchemy of a successful early stage investment.