Russian Retail: Superior Growth Prospects

DAY TWO, 09:00-10:10

After a challenging year on all fronts, the Russian retail market has come out relatively unscathed. We speak to market leaders about their strategy for survival and lessons learned from the crisis. We look into the importance of managing upward and downward shifts in consumer spending and trading patterns. We discuss the ways to materialize on both directions and retain the customer’s loyalty through the economic ups and downs.

We would like to dispose of the conventional presentation format and instead propose an informal round-table discussion moderated by a prominent industry expert, followed by a Q&A session. The following are the main topics proposed for discussion:

  • What is the optimal store format/product mix strategy to profit in downward and upward consumer trading shifts?
  • What will be the impact of capex cuts on the industry landscape?
  • Has there been a change in the status quo, and who presents the biggest competitive threat?
  • What have become the new project IRRs, and how has the criteria for choosing new projects changed?
  • What is the optimal geographic spread, and which locations present the most attractive entry points now?
  • How long can profit margins be maintained, and what is the biggest threat?
  • What efficiencies have been discovered during the crisis, and how can business be optimized further?
  • What is the fate of non-food retail, and which niches present interesting opportunities?