Russia and China: Turning to the East

DAY ONE, 16:15-17:45

Russia and China have arguably the best and most underexploited synergy on the planet. While Russia has ample resources and lacks capital to develop them, China has spare capital and needs resources, energy above all. And yet, at present the links are still relatively limited, with Russia selling only around 5% of its hydrocarbon exports to the East. However, the situation has changes dramatically over the course of the last 12 months. Oil and gas pipeline deals look set to send one quarter of Russian exports to China and the Pacific coast, major deals have been signed with Rosneft, Transneft and Petropavlovsk, and a further 205 projects were identified for additional co-operation during Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s recent visit. The panel will examine the significance of this shift to the East, what it means for the Russian investment story, how sustainable the change is, and how best to take advantage of it.