Consumer Market: Unlocking One of Russia’s Greatest Strengths

DAY ONE, 14:30-16:00

As visibility on future market performance improves on the back of better macroeconomic statistics and recovering consumer confidence, we expect to see growth coming back to one of the most dynamic consumer markets in the world. We have invited senior representatives of FMCG companies to share their views on the current situation in the industry and the direction that markets will take.We would like to dispose of the conventional presentation format and instead propose an informal roundtable discussion moderated by a prominent industry expert, followed by a Q&A session. The following are the main topics proposed for discussion:

  • After having fallen to its lowest level since 1998, consumer confidence is now starting look up again. What will be the key factors affecting consumer behavior in 2010 and how will they translate into individual market performances?
  • To what extend was the industry affected by trading down, and are there signs of trading up?
  • Will future consumer market development be in line with pre-crisis trends, or will the crisis cause long-term structural changes?
  • How did the competitive landscape change in 2009? Did the large players gain an additional advantage?
  • How has the attractiveness of Russia’s consumer market for global players changed over the last 18 months?
  • The difference between regions and the center: who was affected the most and which area should recover faster?
  • Will the strategy of industry players change (in terms of capex, regional focus, product proposition)?
  • What impact will capex cuts and projects deferrals have on long-term industry development?