Save or Invest: The Alternative to Traditional Financial Products

DAY TWO, 16:30-17:45

The financial crisis hit the securities market like a hurricane, causing significant adjustments to seemingly bedrock notions about asset valuation. The alternative investments segment was not left unaffected. On the one hand, the enormous losses incurred by investors across the world forced many to abandon the idea of deep diversification, focusing their efforts instead on more traditional forms of investment. On the other hand, high volatility on the securities market caused many participants to shift their gazes toward permanent values (gold, diamonds, objects of fine art, etc), all the more so given how some were less exposed to crisis-related phenomena than others.

How appealing are alternative investments at present? Which appear most attractive? How did the financial crisis change investors’ attitudes toward investments in art? Is Russia likely to see any new and intriguing types of non-traditional investments in the near future? How quickly can the alternative investments market recover its losses?