Uralkali is a dedicated potash producer with the highest market penetration in the most significant developing fertilizer markets. Its principal assets are in Perm Region and St Petersburg, and its reserves are located at the Verkhnekamskoye deposit, which is the second largest known potash deposit in the world, reported to contain in excess of 3.8 bln tonnes of potash ore.

Uralkali produces three main potash products, namely Granular, White MOP and Pink MOP, each of which is derived from potash ores comprising KCl mixed with other naturally occurring minerals. Its potash products vary in terms of potassium content, consistency and production method.

The company has major distribution platforms, including its JV interest in Belarusian Potash Company (BPC), its leading global distribution platform.

The principal export markets for Uralkali’s products are China, Brazil, Southeast Asia and India. The company’s products are also sold to mature markets in Europe and the US, Africa, the Middle East and Russia.