OJSC DIXY Group (RTS, MICEX: DIXY) is one of the leading Russian companies operating in the food retail and FMCG market.

The first DIXY store opened in 1999 in Moscow. As of November 30, 2009, the Group operated 527 stores, including 504 Dixy (discounter) stores, 15 Megamart (compact hypermarket) stores, 8 Minimart (supermarket) stores. It has a presence in three of Russia’s federal districts: Central, Northwest and Urals.

In May 2007, the Company completed an IPO on the RTS and MICEX stock exchanges, in which it raised $360 mln. The controlling stake of OJSC DIXY Group is owned by the Mercury Group of Companies.

In 2008, DIXY’s total revenues reached $1.94 bln ($1.43 bln in 2007). As of September 30, 2009, the Company had a total of 197,425 m3 of selling space and employed 16,085 people.